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Get tips to use technology to boost operational flow, drive human-centric experiences, and create platform-based interactions.

You can't do new stuff with old systems.

Businesses have always needed to innovate to stay competitive. But today, changes need to be bigger, faster, and more frequent than ever. For two big reasons.


We're engineers, producers, analysts, creatives, architects, and catalysts for change - with a total love for technology.
What separates us from the crowd is our hands-on mentality, while being business-driven, strategy-savvy, and with a profound practical experience. 

In practice

  • adidas

    For Adidas Group we created two end-to-end Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions on UiPath as part of a pilot program initiated by the Adidas Group finance organization.

  • skeyes

    For the Belgian air traffic control we implemented a digital purchase request process in line with both public entities purchasing policies and internal approval steps using Bizagi BPM Suite.

  • skeyes

    We designed and implemented a new flight invoicing system for the invoicing of terminal charges and reporting of BELUX route charges based on flight plans, operational data, aircraft master data and national policies.

  • ENGIE Fabricom

    For ENGIE Fabricom we created a user-centric, fully automated self-service goods procurement and supply chain portal, using BPMS, RPA and cloud-based technology. 

  • ENGIE Fabricom

    We designed a digital fleet management process to structure the internal work log, expose a highly customizable vehicle configurator to (future) vehicle owners and automatically update the ERP.

  • AirPlus

    For business travel payment solution provider AirPlus we designed and implemented a digital card request application to streamline the authorization, capture and validation of card applications and provide a new level of self-service to their corporate clients.

  • Province of Antwerp

    In this case study we give you a look into a trajectory the Belgian Province of Antwerp (an organization with 1,500 employees) took together with us mid-2018. 

  • AZL

    For pension management company AZL we developed process automation of the primary pension execution processes, enabling teams to organize themselves in a more process oriented manner. 

  • Eigen Haard

    Housing corporation Eigen Haard's ERP system is difficult to change. Initiated by internal resources, Eigen Haard implements its Bizagi platform. We have professionalized this platform to enable agility and business growth. 


high-tech into high-value.

We use next-gen technology and a human-centered approach to help build companies that work smarter, better, and faster.
Companies that are "always-on" and have a laser-focus on creating efficiency, agility
and speed, but above all a focus on delivering great user experiences,
services and products.


AUTOM8 is our e-zine bringing you the latest insights and use cases in the fields of human-centered automation, cognitive computing, AI, and other game-changing technologies. 


We're a strategic, global software consultancy enabling information technology to bring our clients' business performance to higher ground.  Our focus is on creating operational flow, human-centric experiences, and platform-based interactions, that are underpinned by scalable, interoperable, and secure IT. Get to know our team, check out our current career opportunities, or send us your resume. Read our manifesto.



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